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Ben Droz has represented the hemp industry in the Nation's Capitol since 2008.  He was the first full time federal hemp lobbyist starting in 2009, and was integral to building bipartisan support for hemp in Congress.  He was 'man-on-the-ground' for the passage of Hemp the 2014 Farm Bill, opening the doors to the first time for hemp research and production. 


After the passage of SEC 7606, Droz stayed on the Hill to help with the passage of numerous amendments, that became law, that protect hemp producers. 

Over the past decade, Droz has managed congressional advocacy and coalition outreach efforts, planned and coordinated hemp industry lobby days, congressional briefings, social media campaigns, and more.

As one of the nation’s leading experts on industrial hemp policy, Droz has been featured in Yahoo!, the Huffington Post, Living Social, and the award winning documentary, Bringing it Home (links below).  Droz has visited numerous hemp processing operations throughout the US, and has connections with longtime leaders in the cannabis industries.

Today, Droz is a contributing editor to HEMP magazine, social media influencer, and hemp advisor and consultant based in Washington, DC.

Links and Press:

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LivingSocial, 2012:
Video Profile
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Featured Character in Award Winning Documentary, Bringing It Home, 2012

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