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Coevolution of Humans and Cannabis

Humans have co-evolved with life on earth, and this is no more apparent than with cannabis.

I have been developing a theory that the hemp plant is to the plant kingdom, as humans are to the animal kingdom. The hemp plant has dominated every continent, has strength and utility. As far as plant intelligence goes, if that were to exist, cannabis has won in every way.

My theory takes a new level by looking at physical characteristics. The hemp plant is perfectly to human scale, unlike rice, which requires back-breaking bendovers to cultivate, or trees, etc. Cannabis plants are ideal because of their perfect human scale, and very fun to hug, by the way.

One of the ways that humans are unique is our dexterity with our five finger hands. One unique cannabis characteristic? The highly efficient five finger leaves. Coincidence? Maybe. Godliness? Probably.

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