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DC Radio Interview - "Cannabis Conversations"

In Washington, DC, cannabis is legal possess, use, and even grow yourself, in addition to a burgeoning medical program, which just began accepting reciprocity. Thanks to the Mayor's leadership, the cannabis industry in our Nation's Capital is certainly something to watch.

The official radio station of DC, has a radio show and podcast, hosted by Linda Mercado Greene. Former Chief of Staff to DC "Mayor for Life" Marion Barry, Greene is now the CEO of Anacostia Organics, a beautiful, state-of-the-art medical dispensary, and one of just a few in DC. In addition to being a local leader, Greene is on the Board of Directors at the National Minority Cannabis Business Association, and an advisor to the Cannabis Trade Federation.

I have had the opportunity to know Linda for many years, long before I knew of her interest in Cannabis. She invited me on her show to talk about hemp. The show aired on DC radio, and continues to air in scheduled re-runs. Here is a link to the podcast, where you can listen anytime.


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