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Mushrooms and Hemp Together Can Save the World

Above: Mycelium insulation from Evocative Design

"Banning Hemp because it's related to marijuana is like banning portobello mushrooms because some mushrooms have psilocybin" While this analogy is more illustrative than it is accurate, it certainly makes a good foundation to describe a growing connection between these two amazing organisms.

I first learned about the amazing potential of mycelium when I was in Los Angeles and had the opportunity to see a speech by Paul Stamets. (Thanks Thatcher from Eat More Hemp!!)

New York based Ecovative Design is now selling mushroom growing kits that infuse live mushroom spores into a hemp filler base, to create hemp lampshades that are bound together with mycelium.

Check out more about the Sustainability potential of these two amazing crops at the Verge!

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